Interlinking Submissions: Preprints, Reviews, Related Submissions

In OPS, when a preprint has been published in a journal, the DOI of the published article can be added to the preprint metadata, for display on the public interface.


At the PKP Sprint in Helsinki and within internal discussions, additional use cases for this kind of submission interlinking have been proposed. Specifically:

  • Reviews: reviews may be copyedited and then published, and linked to the reviewed submission
  • Related Submissions: submissions may be tagged as related to another submission (errata, lexicons, etc)
  • Preprint versions: submissions may link back to their preprint versions.

In the case of Reviews and Preprints, this interlinking relates directly to CrossRef review metadata and posted content metadata.

The use of DOIs for this interlinking is attractive, but there may be an argument for a general use case of an arbitrary xlink to form content relationships.

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Very much agree on this.

Yes, let’s say that DOI has become “the de facto standard” for articles, but let’s remember that it has a cost (that not everybody could afford) and it is not a real standard, so I would be in favor of using other standards that do not have a cost to implement this kind of links.

How can I add the management of a preprint to my OJS, I already searched and I don’t know how to add relations

This feature does not yet exist, but it was proposed at the PKP Sprint in Helsinki in June, 2022. @Nadia_Patricia_Rodri , can you describe specifically what you hope this linking will do so we can better build out this Feature Request?

OASPA is a supporter of Publish Your Reviews (, a new initiative to encourage reviewers to post their peer review reports, in particular those solicited by journals, alongside the preprint versions of articles.

Robust linking between articles and preprints will be useful to readers in general, but it would also be helpful to supply reviewers with the PID/DOI of the preprint version of the article.

In order to enable this, preprint PID/DOI could be collected upon submission of an article to OJS. Upon publication of the journal version, the preprint identifier could be supplied to Crossref in the journal version’s metadata with the “hasPreprint” relation.

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Within the PKP Sprint in Copenhagen, one additional use case for this interlinking was identified:

  • Article translations: translations of works should be linked to the original/alternate form (esp. for Crossref)

This seems important enough to highlight distinct from the general category of “Related Submissions”

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