Integrating OJS Mail with Telegram BOT

Hi all, i just released alpha version of telegramNotify. This plugin hook for every mail and send message to user telegram account based on user phone field.

You can get the plugin in Github

Plese feel free to fork :blush:


Hi @anggriyulio,

Looks great ā€“ I took a skim over it and added a few minor comments in Github. If youā€™d like to add this plugin to the Plugin Gallery sometime, see the PKP Plugin Guide for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you.
I have read your comments on github, fixed it immediately :slight_smile:

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Hello all,
@anggriyulio, @asmecher,

Is it possible to use this with other phone communication apps?
Or each has a different api?

No, each app has a different API. This plugin only works with telegram api.