Integrating ojs and ocs with sms

Hi everybody

I need to know how can i integrate ojs and ocs with sms for different steps of the process of submitting article or informing the author via sms along emails .


Do you have an SMS service provider in mind, or are you planning on just using the few free email-to-SMS gateways that are known?

No, Indeed i want to enable sms notification for the authors via the free or paid email-to SMS gateways while i prefer the free service . do you have any solution ?

Without a dedicated SMS service provider subscription (which the journal would pay for), I think a general strategy would be to create a generic plugin which added a new user setting of an Email-To-SMS field. The user would be required to enter a valid email address corresponding to the gateway for their cell provider. Then you would hook the “Mail::send” event, check for appropriate messages you want to replicate via SMS, and format a short email to the user’s gateway if appropriate. One of the larger challenges would be converting the email content into something suitable for SMS delivery. Would you create all new email keys for these messages? Or just deliver a tinyurl or equivalent?