Instructions on installing OMP from Github source

The documentation for installing OMP from Github seems to be lacking in my opinion.

Github page (GitHub - pkp/omp: Open Monograph Press) mentions some stuff but lacks specific instructions on setting up, and setting up cache and public directories, and directories for submission files.

The link “See Wiki for more complete development guide.” doesn’t work.

README under docs directory (omp/docs at main · pkp/omp · GitHub) doesn’t mention installing from Github but rather seems to be for installing from downloaded pre-made packages.

The PKP Admin guide (Managing the Server Environment) refers to Github, which again takes us to the initial problem of lacking detailed information and broken links.

Edit: Also, it seems important to note that for successful installation, one should install php extensions:

  • php-xml
  • php-mbstring
  • php-mysql

and restart the apache2 service. Otherwise, the install page will appear blank and list errors in the error log.

Hello @jmvezic,

Thanks for your feedback.

I made a pull request to update the link to the Wiki here: Update with link to current documentation by rcgillis · Pull Request #1078 · pkp/omp · GitHub - that was out of date.

As for the points about the php extensions and expanded Github documentation, I might ask @NateWr to weigh in here as to whether and where this might be included (e.g. in the README or in the documentation)

PKP Team