Indexing in WOS and Scopus

We’ve just launched a new OJS-based scientific journal. We aspire to be indexed in WOS and Scopus in later years.

I’m wondering if there are any OJS journals that did succeed in being indexed in such respectable indexes.
Can you please mention any?

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Hi @Afedu,

I don’t know of any specific journals off-hand. Hopefully others from the community will comment and give an idea (I’d be curious to know, myself). But you may want to check out our indexing/discoverability guide: Getting Found, Staying Found, Increasing Impact: Enhancing Readership and Preserving Content for OJS Journals, Second Edition.

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PKP Team


Hi there,

Journal of Neonatal Surgery is indexed with Scopus but not with wos yet.


Plant Science Today journal is indexed in Scopus and WoS. Journal homepage is

hi Afedu,
visit in site the scopus: and web of science

Thank you for your responces.