Include abbreviation of journal title in the HTML header

It seems to me that OJS 3 (or 2) doesn’t expose the journal title abbreviation in a meta tag in the HTML file’s header, even if the relevant field is filled in the journal configuration. I believe the appropriate Highwire Press meta tage would be “citation_journal_abbrev”. Adding such meta tag to the HTML header would allow Zotero and possibly other services/apps to include the journal abbreviation in the indexed metadata.

The Google Scholar plugin could be a good place for this, while it adds similar tags already.

Also other tags listed here could be considered, if missing: Embedded metadata for Google Scholar · Issue #12 · DOAJ/doaj · GitHub

Edit: I made a pull request about this Add citation_journal_abbrev meta to Google Scholar plugin by ajnyga · Pull Request #1574 · pkp/ojs · GitHub