Importing users XML from the command line

I have attempted to import users from a sample xml file using the importExport command line tool but am unsure what the import command should look like (I tried to follow the guide at but there is not example import users statement that I can see).

When I run usage:

php5.6 /var/www/html/tools/importExport.php UserImportExportPlugin usage

I get:



I have tried and guessed the import statement but nothing has worked.

What should the import statement on the command line look like?


You apparently do not have translations for these keys in your default language. Here are the English versions:

Okay thanks.

php5.6 /var/www/html/tools/importExport.php UserImportExportPlugin import /tmp/users.xml journal

worked although now I get errors about user_group missing the name element. I’m covering this issue in another post (Importing users xml fails with missing user group name node element) so will comment on my findings there.