I'm building a theme and I want to show it!

You can download it in my github page

The purpose of this theme is to learn more about how themes development work in OJS. It is based on the Immersion theme. because it is a theme with a very pleasant and practical layout to have easy-to-read content.

This theme attempts to achieve the following goals:

1- Use CSS and stop using any preprocessor. In this case stop using LESS. CSS options have come a long way and it is now possible to do almost everything that is required with CSS alone (work in progress).

2- Stop using Boostrap classes in layout. It is now possible to replicate much of Boostrap’s functionality with CSS options such as flex or grid without having to use the classes that Bootstrap uses (it’s not ready yet).

3- Make a simple and attractive design based on the arrangement of the Immersion theme.

I hope you like it and I will add some post when the theme develop advance.


Please let me know where is demo version.

Of course. I will advance with it. Then I will try to create a demo version online, but the theme is working if you want to see it in a local OJS installation.