ID of article in Workflow page



When we enter an article page to see the workflow in OJS 3, we don’t have access to the ID of this article (as it was in other 2.x versions).

So i propose to include a #ID before the title as in the example below.



José Carvalho


Dear @josekarvalho,
If you see the address bar of your browser, you will see the ID of the article there. Hope, this will be helpful for your workflow.



Dear @anupent,

Thanks, but in my case I know that, the problem is regarding the editorial team, in some cases they are not aware of that. Also in some browsers like Safari, the URL on the bar is simplified, exemple of this page on my browser is that:

So the user should select the URL on the bar to see what is the number. Additionally, the URL may have more than one number regarding the workflow step, this is more confusing for end-users (example: workflow/index/49/1 )


José Carvalho


Hi @josekarvalho,

Tagging @NateWr in case he has an opinion on this.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I think the plan is to display the ID somewhere, but we haven’t yet determined where.


We really need this.

I was about to post a request for this feature and found this previous thread from Sept 2017. Please include this feature that was present in OJS 2 but not in OJS 3.