How to remove items from the right sidebar

Hi, I’m trying to hide some unecessary items in the right sidebar (or side menu, depending on hall you call it), but it’s not working the way I thought it would. To be more specific, I went to the Look section, “disabled” theses itens and it worked, but just when I’m logged. When I log out, all the itens I have disabled appear once again in the right sidebar.

I’d be glad if someone could point out what is happening.

Is it also possible that you are changing from the journal context to the site context when you have logged out? As one OJS site can host multiple journals, there are different sidebar configurations for each journal and for the site index. The URL would change from /journalname/index/ to /index/index/ or similar.

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I don’t have many journals, but you’re right. I had a problem that when I went to the “about” page, the site would create a list with just one site in it. I’ve corrected that issue today and, apparently, the stubborn items issue got solved along with it. Thanks for the reply, anyways! :grinning:

Yes, by setting the site to redirect to a single journal, you are bypassing the site context. Glad you got this to where you wanted it.

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