How to recovery users already excluded

I´m testing (POC - proof of concept) OJS
I created a magazine with some users to understand how this version works.
After some tests, I decided to exclude the entire magazine and it was done OK. I have ADMIN permissions.
Now I created a new magazine in the same environment, and when I try to create a new users, OJS alerts that there are e-mails already created. i.e., I know that OJs maintain the users already created before using these same e-mails addresses.
Is there any easy way to exclude these e-mails?
Or how to recovery theses users/e-mails?
I´m reading about merge e-mails/users, but It seems like a hard way to do.
Our environment has only one magazine, no articles,

If you have access to the database;
List the users table. Delete desired (temporary, unnecessary, old) members or change their e-mail addresses.
Your problem will be solved.
Note: Do not forget to take a backup before doing these operations.

If you want to restore/activate members, set the 1s in the “Disabled” column to 0.

Please do not simply delete users from the users table. It will leave orphaned records in the user_settings table and will lead to foreign key null Fatal Errors in other parts of the workflow if those users have created work assigned to them. If you want to delete users, use the merge users tool built into the users grid or available via the command line in the tools directory.


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Hi, I don´t have permission to access the DB directly, but I can request to do that. Thanks,

Well, as I told before, for a while I don´t have to worry about because I´m testing this version. The magazines I created it´s only for test. I only don´t want to corrupt the databases to continue the tests.
When I release the official version, I will have to delete all these emails because they are for testing and will not be able to stay in the database.

See attached my actual situation. OJS remove magazine and users

Do you think users are also deleted because you deleted Journal 1 (Magazin 1) ?

Yes. I removed Magazin where there were users/papers linked. When I was creating new users/papers in Magazin-2, OJS notify that I can´t use e-mails addresses already created in Magazin-1,
Actually, I have a Magazin-1 removed from OJS and a new Magazin that is totally empty.