How to merge authors? Is it possible?

HelIo everyone!

Please help to solve the problem!

The metadata of one journal was not filled correctly.
I.e. there are different initials, contact information, mail, affiliation of one author in different articles.
So as a result, we have instead of one two or… up to ten authors (See screenshot)

Is it possible to merge them in quick way? Or we have to correct each article metadata manually?

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Please go to Dashboard of your OJS and go to Users and Roles.
When you click on blue triangle on the left side of the user you will see options as below:
You can click on Merge User and Merge it with other user.

@vvucic , Thanks for the answer!
I’ve already tried…
But, unfortunately, the authors of articles are not registered as users. Articles were added via Quick Submit Plugin, so we have olny admin-users in this list (

Are there any other options?

I am afraid that there are no elegant solutions for that issue. Maybe @bozana will know.

Yes, that is correct – unfortunately there is no easy way to synchronize those author metadata :frowning: In a way it is also possible that the metadata changes with the time, but currently we also do not have a good possibility to surely say that those are one and the same author. We are working on a better solution in general – to find a way to identify the authors better, but this is still a work in progress…
Thus, I am afraid those metadata has to be manually adopted, if wished so…

@bozana , @vvucic
it’s a pity :frowning: … Thanks for the answer. will work manually.

Can i make a suggestion for the next milestone in this connection!!!? :wink:

It would be very cool if the authors’ metadata were remembered by the system at the first input.
And when you need to add information about this author in another article, it would display automatically (for example, after filling the author’s Last Name, if it coincides with those that already exist in the system… or options will be available to select the author).
Like Autofill forms in browser. or something like that
So admin have to fill First and Last Name, Affiliation, email, country, ORCID, bio… just one time (first time).
This will avoid multiple duplicates in the authors’ lists…
this will avoid the need for metadata changes, synchronization and merge authors, in my opinion

Thanks again for Feedback !

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Please put your request in Feature Requests categor so the proper people will see it.


@vvucic, Aha! This is what was needed! Feature Requests.
Just made…

Great! Good luck in your work with OJS!

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Hi, we have the same issue, in the latest OJS, it seams everything needs to be same for author to be merged.

Better solution would be to merge authors by assigned email, since emails are unique.

It can’t all be avoided where authors doesn’t have an a email, i don’t see any downside with merging authors with same email.

One reason that we don’t automatically merge author records, even when the email is the same, is that author information, such as the name or affiliation, may change between two publications. For example, an author may change their name after getting married or divorced. But typically the original publication remains under the previous name.

Yeah, it makes sense. Thank you for the response.

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i have noticed one thing when it comes to author index, /search/authors, when submission was made if author name was put in one language in multi-language setup and not in other, when on author index page you choose opposite language names are not displayed.

Author names doesn’t have translation.

Where can I submit this as a bug?

Thank you

Hi @levelup,

The author index has been removed from the git main branch, which will be released as OJS/OMP/OPS 3.4; see the following for more discussion:

Therefore it doesn’t make sense to improve that code.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I guess that’s a solution also, and I’m fine with it.

Thank you

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