How to implement hybrid Open Access in OJS? (OJS

Hello all, one of my journals is currently toll access and would like to adopt a hybrid OA model using APCs.

I’ve been investigating in the back end of OJS (currently running and doing a little web searching about this. It seems that there’s no way to configure the submission and payment systems for hybrid OA - or am I mistaken?

The APC option in Payment > Payment Types only seems to allow for a global application of APCs to all submissions. As for as I can tell, there’s no way to request or receive ad hoc payments in Payment > Payment Types or in Distribution > Payments.

It appears, then, to implement a hybrid OA model using APCs, the editors would have to:

  1. State the option for making articles OA via APC;
  2. Request manual payment outside the OJS platform;
  3. Manually declare the articles as OA via the issue Table of Contents.

Does that sound right? Am I missing anything here?