How to get Indexed in Google Scholar

I am the editor at the publishing center at University of Belgrade-Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. We have recently launched an e-book section (monographs, university textbooks, conference proceeding). We use platform workflow by OMP/PKP. It can be found at E-izdanja. All our publications have DOI numbers via CrossRef.
However, none of our publications is searchable through google scholar. How can we fix this?
Thank you!

Hello @Marijana_Petrovic,

We recently published this Google Scholar guide: Google Scholar Guide - I’d encourage you to have a look. While most of it relates to the OJS software, a lot will be relevant to OMP. Please note that there is an open issue with Google Scholar citation tags that we are still working on OMP: Google Scholar tags only appear on PDF view page, not on landing page · Issue #5686 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - that may prevent your OMP contents from getting indexed.

For some context, please see the forum post here: How to make Google Scholar harvest the OMP metadata - #17 by Monica_Westin

Best regards,