How to fix ## text

Hello all,
anyone can help me? i have some problem at my OJS
i’m using OJS
the problem is, why that text (look at screenshot) have a ## ?
anyone know how to fix it? thank you.satu dddua tiga tiga

Hi @Ridwan_Akbar_Nurcahy,

Can you indicate which language you are using? Your OJS installation may not include some translations for the Crossref plugin. In some cases I have added them manually.

In the following code you can find the translation setup for the language es_ES (importexport-crossref plugin)

i’m using indonesian language
not only at crossref DOI menu, sometimes other menu have same problem

Hi @Ridwan_Akbar_Nurcahy,

I suspect that the locale is not complete, you can add the language setup yourself to complete translation. Use the following thread as a reference: Error code##common.homepageNavigationLabel# - #13 by asmecher

Juan Castro
Universidad del Valle