How to edit metadata for an imported article

For published articles that have been imported using XML, how can one edit the metadata?
For example, editing the abstract or adding references.

If minor corrections are required, if you have just published the article, if the article has not been cited yet;
Unpublish the article.
Make the necessary corrections.
Publish it again.

If there are major changes, if the current version of the article is cited, then I suggest you create a new version.

Thank you for your reply. The options that you have indicated are not available, as shown

Maybe it’s due to the fact that the article wasn’t published through the normal ojs workflow, but was imported using XML.

I am using ojs the most recent version.

You should be able to edit you mention, even if it’s imported via XML.
I guess you don’t have enough authority/role to do these operations.

My user has journal manager and journal editor roles, so it should have all the permissions. Could it be that something goes wrong with the roles when upgrading to newer ojs versions?