How to create new item on registration page

I want to add new item that is list province beside country in registration form ojs 3.02 how to do

This requires knowlege in php and sql.

templates/frontend/components/registrationForm.tpl ‚ÄĒ>ojs 3.02
I want to create a new list box with the country1 name that contains a list
of provinces obtained from copy country. After this is done what to do

{translate key="common.fak"} * {translate key="common.required"} {html_options options=$countries1 selected=$country1}
{translate key=""} * {translate key="common.required"} {html_options options=$countries selected=$country}

Apart from front-end, you will want to save the data obtained from your form into the database. This requires some backend tweaks with PHP and SQL.
For this you will need to create a plugin or to modify OJS core files. I do not remember what exact files contain the data from registration form.

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I am working same this now. I thought you solved already. I did in that way. I changed salutation code in register.tpl.

{fieldLabel name=‚Äúsalutation‚ÄĚ key=‚Äúcommon.salutation‚ÄĚ} {html_options options=$salutations selected=$salutation}

Then I add in

$salutationDao =& DAORegistry::getDAO(‚ÄėSalutationDAO‚Äô);

$salutations =& $salutationDao->getSalutations();

$templateMgr->assign_by_ref(‚Äėsalutations‚Äô, $salutations);

I create SalutationDAO class . I just copy from CountryDAO and changed it .
Then I create salutation.xml and create salutations array. And put data. I copy from country.xml class and modify it.
Run it .
I got unrecognized DAO SalutationDAO. Please let me know why I am getting this error.