How to create HTML and XML galleys to be added in OJS website


Please let me know the process or tool by which I can create HTML and XML galleys to add in articles.

Hi @alsa,

At this time, HTML and XML are created externally. We are currently working on a project to automate the conversion of Microsoft Word documents into other formats, including XML, HTML, PDF, EPUB, etc. Keep an eye on our blog for updates.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @pmangahis,

Is there any update on this?


Hi @salehig,

There isn’t a 100% reliable solution but there are several plugins that you can try.
DOCXConverter: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/docxConverter: Plugin for OJS 3 that parses DOCX and converts it to JATS XML format
Texture: GitHub - pkp/texture: Texture JATS XML editor integration for OJS
JATSParser: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin: OJS3 Plugin for parsing JATS XML and displaying it on article detail page