How can OJS collect information from users?

Hi, While working with OJS we needed to collect various kinds of educational information for our research from our users. Is there a chance to collect information like what there is on: Settings >> Workflow Settings >> Review >> Review Forms (Review Form - Form Items - Preview Form), from users who visit the site?

Hello @Ahmad_R_Beigi!

There is currently no way to add custom contact forms with OJS alone. However, you can create a custom page using the Static Pages plugin and write your own form in PHP, or use a service like wufoo or even Google Forms and embed the form into the Static Page.

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How could we embed a Google form into the Static Page?

The embed code for a Google form can be obtained by pressing “Send” on the Google Form page and clicking the “< >” symbol.

Then in OJS, if you’ve enabled Static Pages in Settings > Website > Plugins, you can go to the Static Pages tab under Settings to create a page, click the “< >” symbol in the text editor and paste in the embed code from Google.

Let me know if you have any difficulties.

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I need to have my research data in my own Mysql database. I recommend the OJS developers to create a plugin like Settings >> Workflow Settings >> Review >> Review Forms (Review Form - Form Items - Preview Form). It is a great tool for our purpose.

Is there a specific plugin to have the same funtion?

Hello, OJS doesn’t yet have any custom form plugins, but I have moved your post to the Feature Requests so it can be considered for the future!

It has been discussed by the developers in the past on this GitHub page, so hopefully this is a feature that will eventually end up on OJS. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Where ever the dynamic form plugins are going to be set, would be fine, but these places are the priorities for them to be applied:
Settings >> Journal Settings >> Categories
Settings >> Website Settings >> Static Pages
Good luck