Help Wanted: Custom programming / development

We have a lot of knowledgeable users in our community, but with the transition to this new forum, there isn’t a central place to find developers interested in freelance work for OJS / OMP / OCS. PKP Services offers Sponsored Development, but I’m sure there are others on this forum available for custom programming projects. If you are, reply to this post with your experience and interest. With a few replies we can probably get a good list of offerings which will be easily searched on this site.

Bonus points to developers and clients who are mutually interested in contributing enhancements back to the core products.

(Note: I personally am not available for freelance work.)

We are looking for a company or a freelancer to support us with the implementation of a new design of our The current site is set up on OJS2, and we have already set up OJS3 and will do the migration ourselves. We have also developed the new graphical design, but due to bandwidth, we would like to outsource the actual implementation of the new design on OJS3.

Please respond asap if you are interested, and provide us with at least one reference case of a similar work you’ve carried out. We are happy to share relevant development back to the broader OJS community.

Dear @Jagerhorn

We provide OJS custom development including theme and plugin. We have been trusted by many publisher and still have on going cooperation with them.

You can reach us on and let us know your need.

Thank you