Grammar rules what should be translated and what should not be translated

In Serbian language grammar rule is that names should not be translated. So Bootstrap , Darky, Michael etc. should not be translated so I always leave those keys untranslated. However, all teh rest I translate as much as possible.
Are there similar cases in other languages?



In Finnish it is pretty much the same nowadays, although we used to translate for example the names of European nobility, so “King George” is “kuningas Yrjö” :smiley: (we stopped translating those names in 2002).

However, we have translated some names in OJS that make sense when translated. I would not translate Bootstrap (saappaanraksi), but have translated for example the names of the Block plugins because they are descriptive.


Yes, we do have similar issues. English words on cyrillic are not readable to anyone since English people do not know cyrillic script and those people who know cyrillic script have difficulty reading words in English spelling on cyrillic since according to grammar those foreign words should be written as they are pronounced. However, some of them many people do not know how to pronounce, or they are protected trademarks or personal names that is strange to translate and transliterate …
Well, looking for good balance is the key. Indeed, some small additional changes can be done later, but the right solution is in balance and applying common sense (if there is any :confused: )