Google Scholars Profile Plugin

Now for many journal it is important to know Authors Citation Index by checking Google Scholars Profile for that author(s). It would be a practical function that allow Autores at the registrations to add the link to their Google Scholars Plugin.

We would like to have composolorty so a submission can not be accepted if there is no google Scholars profile provided.

ORCID is good for identification which is taken over by Thomsons Reuters Researcherid now, but the calculated citation indexe based on previous publication show the value of the author for the Journal.

So these can be hyperlinked by authors name at all the time
Google Scholars Profile (GSP)

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Good idea. We support this. In my country, google scholar is more familiar than Orchid

ORCID filling different purpose. It is more like a digital ID. But citation index by GSP is a good indicator for authors. I think GSP should use ORCID to identify a scholar rather than an email account only.

Good idea to integrate in future development of OJS

May be the new is even better to encourage more regulated, reliable research and keep the intellectual property rights safe. This service is replacing Researcher-ID.

For my institution it be great to have field for google like “orcid” or profile.
I think ppl will be appreciate for creation this option.