Google Scholar: display of citation incomplete

Hi All

Been scratching my brains as to what went wrong with Google Scholar and hope you all can help:)

Articles are indexed in Google Scholar but they display as Citations. See below for example:
[CITATION] Article Title
Author - Journals title …, 2017
** Related articles**

Question is, what do I need to do so that articles appear correctly as this link shows:,5&q=Identifying+Factors+Associated+with+Participation+in+T1D+Support+Program+for+Young+Adults&btnG=

Appreciate any help!

Hi @Nazimm,

What version of OJS are you using? (Please include this with your posts.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec
Should have mentioned this!
Running of OJS. No fancy customisations, all pretty much out of the box install
Appreciate any feedback!
Many thanks

Hi @Nazimm,

I’m not sure I’m seeing the same thing you are – this is what I get:


Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec
What you see is the example link I sent across.
Have a look at’+Satisfaction+of+Public+Utility+Services+–+Multivariate+System+Analysis&btnG=
This is different from the example and I have no idea why?
The question was why do the articles show up like’+Satisfaction+of+Public+Utility+Services+–+Multivariate+System+Analysis&btnG=
Instead of:,5&q=Identifying+Factors+Associated+with+Participation+in+T1D+Support+Program+for+Young+Adults&btnG=

Appreciate your patience with my post:)

Hi @Nazimm,

Hmm, I’m afraid that must be some distinction that’s internal to Google Scholar – you’d have to contact them for clarity, I think.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

See what does [citation] mean in google scholar search results? - Academia Stack Exchange

"[Citation] means that Google Scholar has not been able to find a source for the publication, but that it has inferred that it exists because other publications cite it.

Taken directly from Google Scholar help “These are articles which other scholarly articles have referred to, but which we haven’t found online. To exclude them from your search results, uncheck the “include citations” box on the left sidebar.”"

So basically the example you gave is an article that google scholar has fetched from the journal site. The [citation] links are from references of other articles.

If your articles are not in Google scholar, make sure that the gs plugin and the dublin core plugin is enabled. Also enabling google webmaster tools and sending your OJS sitemap to Google is probably a good idea, see [OJS] Indexing journal system to Google Scholar

I followed the instructions on Google Search Console with the sitemap so all is verified and submitter. Status is now pending with no errors so hope this will be all good in the coming week or so
Thanks for your help and fingers crossed all works out:)

I have no 100% information if the sitemap actually helps here, but have heard from other OJS users that it actually helps. Would be nice if there was a better way of ensuring that the article data gets to GS, I mean some sort of API like you have with DOAJ. But let’s hope it works for you!

Will post results when I get something from GS. If the Sitemap process works, then would be an idea to have it explained and pinned in the FAQ so that all can simply follow the steps.
Lets see what happens in the coming days/ weeks to see how it pans out and I will post the feedback

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Quick feedback as promised…
I submitted 2 site maps to Google Search Console and I have pages submitted and indexed (not all according to the console).
Some observations:
One one site map where I had the issue of citation display only on GS: looks like all articles/ citations are NOT there anymore. They are on though (some direct link to PDF other to Abstract view on OJS)
On the other site map I loaded (difference journal) all looks good on GS except for one article for some reason (it shows up on fine)
So to sum up:
On the journal where articles were indexed on GS but only citations with no links to full text or abstract: they all disapeared
On the other journal, articles look OK on GS except one for some reason.
I guess Google Scholar/ Google have their own mystical way of indexing :frowning:

See Google Scholar Help

It says that it can take even months to GS start indexing. There is a link there you can use to request a new crawl from google. No idea how well it works though.

Just make sure that you have the google scholar indexing plugin and the dublin core indexing plugin enabled for the journals. When you go to an article page and check the source code of the page, you should see google scholar related metatags in the header.

I did go to the site you mention but there is no URL to request a new crawl. I am guessing they crawl… eventually.
I checked the source as you suggested and I can only see one relevent GS tag “” Not sure this is what you mean though .
Will keep on checking periodically if they will catch all the articles… in time:)

See the link with the text "request manual configuration ", it is in the bullet number 6.

When you have google scholar plugin enabled and go to an article abstract page and see the source code, you should see metatags like citation_journal_title, citation_title and citation_author

How did I miss that!!!
Thanks …
Just one quick question on the robot.txt file. Is the syntax below OK:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /cache/
User-agent: Googlebot
Allow: /

Forgot to answer your question on metatags… I do see these. Is the below what you mean? Appreciate your HELP NO END!

I think the robot.txt is the same as for all OJS users, so no problems there.

The metatags do not display in your message, you probably need to mark them as preformatted text in the forum editor.

I did the process on GS as per instructions and got auto reply from GS that it would take 4-6 weeks.

Below are the tags I see. Assume it is all good :slight_smile:

<meta name="citation_journal_title" content="International Conference on Advances in Business, Management and Law (ICABML)"/>
<meta name="citation_journal_abbrev" content="1"/>
<meta name="citation_issn" content="2523-6547"/> 
<meta name="citation_author" content="S Sreedharan"/>
<meta name="citation_author_institution" content="Consultant, Public Affairs Centre (PAC), Bangalore-India"/>
<meta name="citation_author" content="G R Poornima"/>
<meta name="citation_author_institution" content="Programme Officer, PAC, Bangalore - India"/>
<meta name="citation_author" content="Meena Nair"/>
<meta name="citation_author_institution" content="Head, Participatory Governance Research Group, PAC, Bangalore - India"/>
<meta name="citation_author" content="Genanew Bekele"/>
<meta name="citation_author_institution" content="University of Dubai - Dubai Business School"/>
<meta name="citation_author" content="Wathiq Mansoor"/>
<meta name="citation_author_institution" content="University of Dubai-College of Engineering and IT"/>
<meta name="citation_author" content="Ananth Rao"/>
<meta name="citation_author_institution" content="University of Dubai - Dubai Business School"/>
<meta name="citation_title" content="Users’ Satisfaction of Public Utility Services – Multivariate System Analysis"/>
<meta name="citation_date" content="2017/12/24"/>
<meta name="citation_volume" content="1"/>
<meta name="citation_issue" content="1"/>
<meta name="citation_firstpage" content="30"/>
<meta name="citation_lastpage" content="60"/>
<meta name="citation_doi" content="10.30585/icabml-cp.v1i1.12"/>
<meta name="citation_abstract_html_url" content=""/>
<meta name="citation_keywords" xml:lang="en" content="Multivariate"/>
<meta name="citation_keywords" xml:lang="en" content="Logit"/>
<meta name="citation_keywords" xml:lang="en" content="Discrete choice Model"/>
<meta name="citation_keywords" xml:lang="en" content="Public Sector Utility service provider"/>
<meta name="citation_pdf_url" content=""/>

Just a quick email to post back some update on this:
One of the 2 journals is now looking good on GS with full citation and link to Article page on OJS. For some reason most articles are show 2 versions of the exactly the same. Still this is all good now.
The other journals where all citations simply vanished from GS, they are all back on but not full citations and no link to articles on OJS.
Maybe need to wait a little longer for this to be 100% fixed but the good news is that all articles are on GS :slight_smile:

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