Google Analytics in OJS


After updating my OJS to version of the Google Analytics statistics they have stopped working .

In the configuration of the journal OJS I changed the tracking code for the new tracking code , but still continues to receive data.

Someone has come up with something similar?



Have you used the web browser’s “inspect tool” to monitor the HTML and the traffic? You should see the javascript in the footer to create a javascript in the head, which would actually initiate the HTTP calls. Watching the outgoing requests would look something like this: OJS 2.4.6 - Slow performance on firefox... flying with Chrome? - #7 by marc

Alternately, can you provide an example URL?


Thanks for your reply. I tell him that I have reviewed the configuration of my journal and I find that had enabled Piwik plugin.

Disabling Piwik, Google Analytics has begun to report again.

It seems that Piwik and Google Analytics can not be enabled simultaneously.

Thank you!


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Thanks for debugging. This is filed as piwik plugin doesn't play well with others · Issue #819 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.