Google Analytics doesn't work

Hi every body, I hope you can help me, I’ve activated the Google Analytics module, but it doesn’t work, I saw on logs but can’t find anything related to this.

The configuration on Google Analytics Account are: G-XXXXXXXX as ID, this Id was setted up on Google Analytics Module, these settings were registered a week ago.

On the next screen capture you can see the message when I access to my Google Analytics Account

I’ve disabled the Google Analytics Module and I’ve enabled again but, result is the same.

Any help will be usefull for me.

Hi @jarulin,

What version of OMP are you using (e.g. 3.3.0-8)?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis, thanks for your answer, the environment is:

  • O.S: Centos 7

  • PHP Version: 7.4.30

  • Apache Version: 2.4.6

  • OMP Version:

Hi @jarulin,

Thank you for supplying this additional information. Have you tried upgrading the plugin itself within the plugin gallery? FYI: we published this blog post a little while back related to Google Analytics:

PKP Team

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Hi @rcgillis,

Thank for you last answer, I’ve deleted the plugin and download it again from now the platform is sending data to Google Analytics.

Thank for your time

Hi @jarulin, I have recently launched a Press ( on OMP with the exact same issue. But since we are a two person team, I’m taking care of the website and analytics with no previous systems knowledge (a lot of enthusiasm, though). I am running into the same issue with G Analytics. Could you walk me through how you uninstalled the plugin and installed the new version? Thanks!

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