Give back to your reviewers with Review Quality Collector (RQC)

What is Review Quality Collector?

Review Quality Collector (RQC) is an initiative for improving the quality of scientific peer review. Its core is a mechanism that supplies a reviewer with a receipt for their work for each journal year. That receipt certifies the quality of the reviews, not just their number.

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Why use RQC?

So far, peer review is a confidential process, intransparent to outsiders.
Except for the editors, nobody knows whether reviewer X has doing a good job.
With RQC, your good reviewers will be able to demonstrate that they are doing a good job and will be more willing to do it again.
Many of your mediocre reviewers may finally find a reason to review more thoroughly.

What is the purpose of the present post?

An RQC plugin has just become available for OJS.
It handles the reviewer opt-in/opt-out directly in OJS, allows editors to send reviewing data to RQC before they make the editorial decision, and will send the data automatically when the decision is made.
Editors define their journal-specific review quality definition in RQC and then handle the review grading there.

I am the author of RQC (which has been in use for Computer Science conferences for several years) and of the brand-new RQC OJS plugin.

I am looking for pilot users interested in introducing RQC at their OJS-based journal.
I will work with you through the introduction process and answer any question you might have.
Interested? Then please raise your hand.

Any comment on the RQC initiative as such is also highly welcome.

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Given your previous posts, I guess you might be interested
@Gunther_Maier , @ajnyga , @lsteele , @kshuttle, @Ainul_Rafiq

Dear @prechelt

The Idea sound so great, original, and about what the journal needs to maintain its peer reviewers. I am interest to use the plugin as in pilot program.

Hope to hear from you soon



Hi @Ainul_Rafiq

I am glad to hear this. I have three questions:

  • the RQC plugin is currently available only for OJS 3.3 (not yet 3.4). Is this OK for you?
  • RQC itself as well as the plugin speak only English. Is this OK for you?
  • What is your role at your journal? Do we need to pull further people into the discussion?

Feel free to respond via email to


Anyone interested? @Gunther_Maier , @ajnyga , @lsteele , @kshuttle