Get submission object after data changed event (OMP 1.1.1-1)


I made a plugin that adds a tab to the catalog entry tabs and uses a grid in that tab. But the grid data is not reloaded after editing an item/adding a new item/deleting an item (reload with DAO::getDataChangedEvent()). Reloading the data only works if the whole tab is reloaded.

This is because the submission id empty after the data changed event. OMP manages the reload with:


in the initialize-functions of the grid handlers, but this does not work for me (returns null). It also does not work to implement the authorize function. Can a plugin access this authorized information and if not, is there another way get the submission object/id?


Hi @carola,

Hmm, I’d have to take a look at this in more depth. Could you send me the current code for the plugin? It’s possible that the plugin API for components needs some further extension.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team