German OJS network:

We are currently working on a two-year project “Sustainable OJS infrastructure for electronic publishing of academic journals” for German institutions. The project is a collaborative effort of the university libraries of Konstanz and Heidelberg and the Center for Digital Systems at the Freie Universität Berlin. It has received funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation). Our goal is to promote OJS even further and build up a German language information and service infrastructure for researchers and IT teams at universities. The project comprises four main parts:

  1. OJS software development (which of course will be included in the community version)
  2. Demand analysis of OJS users & hosting providers (we will share the results as soon as possible)
  3. German OJS community & network building (starting with our website
  4. Integration into the German research landscape (focussing on journal visibility and metadata)


News from our project can be found on the PKP blog:


An English version of our OJS user survey is now available:
Büttner, Alexandra, Gehrlein, Sabine, & Clormann, Stefanie. (2016).
Online Survey on Open Journal Systems in Germany and the Network
Scholarly and Research Communication, 7(1): 0101240, 14 pp.

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