Fulltext Search Pdf Issue Ojs

Hello @asmecher, could you please give me some info regarding these topics.

  1. Is fulltext search supported only for articles or for full Issues as well?

  2. For epub and xml files, the table submission_search_keyword_list is being populated either when I upload the file or when I run the command rebuildSearchIndex.
    Although there is an issue with pdf and epub files.

Regarding the pdf files I can see txt file being generated after executing the command index[application/pdf] = ā€œ/Users/username/Anaconda3/Library/bin/pdftotext -enc UTF-8 -nopgbrk %sā€
which is configured in config.inc.php file. Although the table submission_search_keyword_list is not being populated neither during the upload or after I run the rebuildSearchIndex command.
So there is no search results at all regarding the content of the pdf files. How can I solve that isue?

Same with epub files.

Hi @Dimitris_Sioulas,

I think this was continued and possibly resolved on this other thread: Ojs 3.2.1.x multi journal site. Search inside pdf files returns no results - #6 by Dimitris_Sioulas

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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