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My team is working on the French translation of OJS 3 and we were wondering if there’s a specific way of translating “authoring” into French.

Hi @Jean_Rodmond_Junior,

Pinging @pheckler and @Marie-Helene – they’ve recently been working on the French translations!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for you help!

Hi @Jean_Rodmond_Junior,

“authoring” only appears in the manual, but is not in any OJS or Library string, so there is no precedent for translation. Both FR_CA and FR_Fr translate “my authored” to “Mes soumissions” in the submission panel, so I would recommend using “Soumission” for the purpose of the doc.

Are you exclusively working on the doc or on the software strings as well?



Thank you! I am mainly working on the doc right

Bonjour @Jean_Rodmond_Junior,

I second the proposal to translate “Authoring” (as seen here : to “Soumission”.


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Thank you so much @Marie-Helene :pray:

And also is there a specific way of translating “Galley” as in “Galley View”?


Galley is translated, throughout OJS, as “Épreuve”, in both Fr and CA.

If you move to the translation of the software on FR_Fr, feel free to PM so we can coordinate the effort!