Filed for Google Scholar Account in OJS 3x Registration form

As there are many fake authors and fake submission activities in the real world, I would like to suggest some adjustment to the OJS 3+ registration form in the next update.

Authors need to provide the Google Scholar Account along with ORCID,
Authors should provide only their Academic Affiliated official email address.
Auto-creating users names from the provided email ID, take anything before @ sing as OJS account user.
Add filed (Affiliated Institution) with auto search and completion the institution name

Hi @Dilan_Rostam,

OJS will probably never require a user account with a third-party by default. That’s because to do so would give private companies or organisations the power to determine who is and is not an academic.

That said, we work closely with ORCID to help authors authenticate with the service and link their publications with their ORCID account. You can already use the ORCID plugin to allow authors to register with ORCID. Perhaps in the future, an authenticated ORCID account could be required to complete a submission.

However, this is something that would be an option in the ORCID plugin, since many journals would not want to restrict submissions in this way.

A similar plugin could be built for Google Scholar accounts if desired.


I see your point, but we need to see GSA to see the official affiliation and publication records as well as h-index. I do not know if ORCID provide this.
I hope some can develop such GSA plugin to make it optional to add such requirements in registration process.

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