Field Titles Displayed Incorrectly

Good afternoon,

After a technical problem in updating OJS 2 for OJS 3, we had several problems. The original database was lost. It is no longer possible to directly update the OJS platform.

For this reason, we are recreating the magazine of 0, installing OJS 3, and re-registering all data and user roles all in a local testing environment.

Observeri, that several field titles appear coded, for example:

Surname = ## user.familyName ##

Why does not it appear correctly?cadastro

Hi @klaus,

This means that currently there aren’t translations for those text strings. Localization files are stored in the locale and lib/pkp/locale folder.

Good afternoon,

First, thank you.
Can I translate these items myself?

Does this cause any kind of problem in using the system and / or in fixtures updates?

Hi @klaus,

The easiest way is to use the Translator plugin. I guess here you can find a hint how to use it: Strange string in article with more than one author - #4 by primozs

Regards, Primož