Feature Request: Lock any journal activity

If there is a way to go mad that’s certainly to coordinate the teams of journals under an OJS intance.
I explain my case:

  1. After long troubles, I find a way to migrate from OJS2 to OJS3
  2. I preferred to mirrorize on a test server the old OJS, then upgrade OJS on the test server
  3. Then I send a message to all the teams, more or less like this:

“Dear journals teams, we have a new installation on this url: www.testurl.example.com. Please STOP any activity on the production version (PLEASE: no sumbissions, no flow, don’t publish anything), you have two months (TWO MONTHS!!!) to verify that everything is OK and to customize your journal. Log in to the production OJS, then in the test OJS and let me know if you everything works well and all your contents are migrated, the 15 of April we will switch definitively to the new installation.”

Now we are close to the deadline and I see that some TEAMS continued to accept submissions and managed to publish them.

I want to die!

So, it would be nice in future to have in the administration area an option like this:

“Lock any journal activity”

that inhibits any action for everyone in the editorial flow in all the journals.