Feature Request: Granular control for email announcements

I’m curious if it’s possible to allow more granular control of which email announcements are sent out. Our use case is that our journal is part of a larger organization, and we already have an email newsletter set up. Having OJS send out notifications creates a duplicate system to manage and think about.

For larger organizations, I feel it would be helpful to have control over which emails are sent out, especially around the public “new issue” announcements. I am aware this can be done with file edits, which we will end up doing, but having this in the dashboard and stored properly as a preference would be helpful.

Hi @benaltair

If it helps at all, in both the ‘New Announcement’ case and the ‘New Issue Published’ case, there’s a checkbox that can be unchecked which will not send an email to your OJS users.


Yeah and these emails can lead to servers getting blacklisted if they get too many spam flags as well. I think an admin-level control is a good idea. In the meantime, one approach you could take would be to opt-out every user.

From a user’s profile, they can choose to receive or not such emails. So you could set this manually for every user, and then have a plugin that made sure any new user was opted out. Not pretty but a workaround for now.

Hi Jason (@jnugent), do you mean on the modal when you’re publishing an issue or announcement? I haven’t seen a central place for this, is that correct?

Hi @benaltair - Yes, on the modal.