Feature request - Delay in processing review

Hello all,

In our national experience, we have noted that the review process is the main culprit for delays in publication. However, my current experience is showing that there’s also a delay by the editorial team.

We basically have to log in and enter every single submission to check for review situation. When all reviewers have finished, the listing shows some action is required, but if only a few of the assigned reviewers have concluded their task, no visual cue is displayed. So, unless we log in everyday, we don’t know why the review is late.

Recently, I assigned 3 reviewers to a submission, but only 2 responded. This was last year. Since I don’t even remember getting the email notifications that reviews were completed (maybe I did get and read them, but checked that there was one missing, and forgot about it…), I delayed the editorial process unwillingly.

So, my feature request (and I have requested a few to improve the submission in review queue) is to add some AJAX to the submission that displays a summary of the review. There’s a lot of info on the table, too many numbers for us to remember, as we don’t work exclusively as the editorial team of the journal…

Of course, I take on the responsibility and blame for the delay, but it would help me a lot not having to check within every submission individually.

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We would like that feature as well. That’s probably the most problematic task in our workflow right now.