Export and import a whole journal

Hi @NateWr,

we’ve talked about it in the PKP sprint. It would be great if it was possible to transfer a journal from one OJS installation to another including for example the settins but also statistics. So far we can only export and import the issues and articles but everything else get lost.

I know it must be a real difficult request because of all the IDs, but it would be really helpful for us.

If I can help in any way, please let me know.

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Es buena idea. je eso le solucionaría el problema de migrate/upgrade a muchos :joy: (sobre todo que existen muchos ojs single journal). Solo un fresh install, importan y tiran todo lo demás.

Hi Daniela,

Yes, there are lots of complexities to this, especially if you want to pull everything over from a journal. Pulling the journal settings is a little bit easier. Here’s a discussion about adding more objects to the native import/export features:

And here’s a related discussion of CRUD functions for journals in a new CLI tool:

With the CLI tool, it might be possible to create a bash script to pull journal settings out and then put them in somewhere else after stripping an ID out.

No talk yet of statistics. But that might be possible with just a few simple SQL commands since (I believe) it’s all in one table, metrics.

Hi @NateWr

oh, wow, there are even more discussions and thoughts about that already going on than I thought. This looks very promising! Especially the part about not published issues is always a problem for us.

Kind regards

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