Expected behaviour of Add Reviewer - Enroll existing user

Hello all,
A question about the behaviour of ‘Enroll existing user’ specifically when Adding a Reviewer:

I understand that ‘Enroll an existing user’ is meant to enable, say, a JM or Editor of Journal A to assign a role in Journal A to a user who has no role in Journal A (e.g. a user with no roles, or a user who only has a role with journal B).

When using the Add Reviewer workflow, is ‘Enroll existing user’ intended to work in the same way?

The expectation we hear from our editors is that when Editors/JMs of Journal A Add Reviewer and choose to ‘Enroll existing user’ they are expecting to choose from a list of users who are registered with Journal A but not as Reviewers. They do not expect to see users of Journal B at all.

Which of these is the expected behaviour in the Add Reviewer workflow?
Many thanks

Hi @elt,

I think you’re on the right track here, but can you clarify a few details:

  1. What version of OJS are you using?
  2. Your instance has more than one journal? And you are able to see user accounts from other journals that aren’t enrolled in one particular journal, am I correct in understanding? Also: when searching as a Journal Manager - is that account also the site admin (because that would certainly allow them to see accounts from both journals)?

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PKP staff

Hello Roger,
Thanks for the reply! We are using OJS
Yes, the instance has more than one journal, and when a JM searches for users in the Add Reviewer (‘Enroll existing user’) workflow they see accounts from other journals. This JM is not a site admin. However, they are also JM for the other journal.
Many thanks again!

Update : Our JM tried again using a different account with no roles in the second journal, but they still see users from the second journals when ‘Enroll existing user’ in the Add Reviewer workflow. Is this expected behaviour? Thanks !

Hi @elt,

As it turns out, this is currently the case that this is by design. However, there is extensive discussion on how to go about changing this here: Allow journal managers to invite users to adopt a role · Issue #3022 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

The issue is also discussed here: OJS3 editing user roles in multi-journal installations


Many thanks! I’ll follow the conversation with interest.