Excel to XML: Online converter for OJS issues

Dear Community,

may I introduce: an online converter for the import of Excel files of whole Issues: www.ojs.techphil.de

When our TA-Journal www.tatup.de changed the plattform to OJS, we also had to import the archive.
To facilitate the process I have written an online converter from Excel to XML. You can use the template to modify all meta-data, convert an entire journal to XML, and import all articles at once.


  1. go to www.ojs.techphil.de and download the template.
  2. Modify or insert your data.
  3. Convert (click Browse, selet the excel file, click: Upload).
  4. Download the XML and import it into OJS using the “Native XML Plugin”.


  • DOIs are either manually set, automatically with a set Journal-prefix (DOI: “ok”), or you leave the column empty.
  • You need to specify a server for the file upload or you leave the fields for FileHTML and FilePDF empty
  • In the page “Dropdown” you can edit the JournalSections.
  • If there are more than one Author just list the shortKeys (e.g. “AutA, AutB, AutC”)
  • All Author ShortKeys must appear in the Authors List.

I also plan to make the GitLab Repository public. At the moment, the code is a bit messy and with little comments. The program is anything but perfect. But it did its job. It is my first Python program beyond scripts for statistics and modeling.

with kind regards


This is a useful tool. I would be interested in the Python script so I could run it from the command line.


Dear [Klapperhorn]

It appears the url to template download is not working. Could you point out to a new url or you may upload here so that it helps.

Thanks a lot!

Senthil Kumar