Excel to XML: Converter for OJS

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We are migrating our journal from OJS to .3.0.3 and since it is quite a step I believe that the best way to transfer articles is to use import from excel with tools that @ajnyga and @Klapperhorn have developed.
I am interested to know if excel to XML conversion script and/or Online converter for OJS issues are working with OJS


Regarding this:

Can you explain what you mean by this? What are you expecting this script/converter to do? Can you explain why the regular upgrade process does not work for you?

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Hi @milan88
am sorry to tell that our online converter works only for our particular journal (tatup.de) so far.

The python script reads a defined Excel table and writes an XML document ( that can be imported with OJS’s XML native import tool. However, the structure of the XML document is so far exactly adapted to the requirements of the tatup journal (English / German meta-data, certain journal categories, DOI generation). The program serves its purpose - facilitating the entry of the data. However, the code is moderately written and commented, since this project has mainly been a project for me to procrastinate my philosophy dissertation. If there is someone interested (@jeremywiebe? - sorry, didn’t see your post earlier), I would try to comment and expalin the code so that someone could take over and further develop the project into a tool that is truly useful for everyone.

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Hi @rcgillis,

A am looking for an easy way to convert Excel Sheet with articles data and import all into OJS through XML import. Our OJS version at the moment is and every time we thried to update it to OJS we encountered error. I suppose this would hapen with update to too.
I know about @ajnyga script but do not know is it working with the latest version too.

Thank you @Klapperhorn for your explanation. It would certanly be great to have such a tool but I am looking for a solution I can use at this moment. If you find a time to comment your script OJS Community would find it usefull.

Hi @milan88,

I was able to find this: GitHub - ualbertalib/ojsxml: converts a csv file to ojs native import xml - from the University of Alberta Libraries. I can’t vouch for it specifically, as I haven’t used it, and I don’t think it’s been tested for use with 3.3, since 3.3 is so new, but it might be worth trying. Still though, I would recommend trying to work through the upgrade rather than exporting and importing content, because if you do that, you will lose all of the associated data (e.g. reviewer, editorial history, etc.)

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I agree with you. But this is good option. Thank you.


We are upgrading to OJS 3.2 and I did a new release for my converter script: Releases · ajnyga/tsvConverter · GitHub

If you have used an older version note that the installation and usage is a bit different: tsvConverter/README.md at master · ajnyga/tsvConverter · GitHub

I am not sure if the OJS 3.2 XML files work with 3.3 and in any case remember to do a test export first to a journal that is not in production use!

@Klapperhorn If you could share code location and general information I would like to take a look at possible update.