Example of new OJS3 Journal with custom template


Hi @Vitaliy, does bootstrap 4 bring any new / important changesas compared to bootstrap 3? If yes, can we survive without upgrading to it?


Hi @Vitaliy
I activated your JatsParser plugin with bootstrap theme. The article details do not look like good as in manuscript jats theme. Is there any way to customize them?

Your article details display is outstanding


4th version is quite different from the previous. There not many new elements, however. It brings new mechanisms for layout development and javascript functionality, and upgrading is quite a headache.


It is nothing more than bootstrap 4 elements integrated into our new theme. We do not want to make it publicly available because it is what makes our journal unique.
Making such design is a matter of Smarty/CSS and Javascript knowledge (latter for functionality). Also, it requires reading and understanding Bootstrap documentation.


Yea, then it make sense to stay with bootstrap 3, cos i have spent many weeks or even months coding for jmri. If i upgrade, high chances that i will screw something up. Lol. But I liked the bootstrap’s navigation bar for mobile phones. It is well organised as compared to that of manuscripts. I will try to incorporate it in the default theme.


How to omit or change style of link in article abstract?



I did see, however I couldnt find the error (affix is crossing the footer). Could you just have a look please. https://jmri.org.in/jmri/article/view/66. The bottom-affix is not even called here.



a.for-summary {
  display: block;
a.for-summary:hover {
  text-decoration: none;


Firstly, you have 3 javascript errors (in browser console); maybe they are causing the problem.
Secondly, in case of jats-manuscript theme, these line of code control top and bottom affix borders:

      offset: {
        top: $('div.item.issue div.panel-body').offset().top + 200,
        bottom: $(window).height() - $('div#pkp_content_main').offset().top

Where #myAffix is the element id, .affix - bootstrap method, top - top border (for sticky function), bottom - bottom border.
$(window).height() - height of the browser window
$('div#pkp_content_main') - the element we want to work with
offset - jquery method for determine the current position if the element
offset.top - position from top

This all works in my case, but if you have done custom changes, you need to update this code accordingly.

Also, your site is loading near 12 sec because of javascript. I recommend checking your files for the redundant code.


I see from the console, that you have those lines starting from 27 line in psychosomatics.js
It looks like this:

      offset: {
        top: $('div.item.issue div.panel-body').offset().top + 200,
        bottom: $(window).height() - $('div#pkp_content_main').offset().top - 221,

You can try to change the last number in this code (221).


Will check and get back. I have messed up something while customizing the theme for sure.


Is it possible to customize your jatsPlugin to be applicable with bootstrap theme?


It is possible to customize it for use with any theoretically possible OJS theme.


@Vitaliy, @varshilmehta,
Just in case you do not know, XML versions stopped working at your sites.


@Ph_We, What you mean by that? That you can download JATS XML? That was done deliberately.
Keep in mind that on article landing page you see JATS XML convered to HTML by JATS Parser Plugin.I simply don’t see a need to render JATS XML once more with Lens Viewer.
Or you have something different in mind?


Ah, now I see, sorry, my bad. You had a more traditional layout earlier. So the reader had to click on XML to read a JATS XML version. I tried to show that to my colleague, but could not do that :slight_smile: