ESET reports HTML/ScrInject. B when we disabled Memcached


ESET File Security for Linux reports “HTML/ScrInject. B” as a critical issue, just after disabled Memcached on The report says that it happens in the file: [OJS]/cache/fc-journalSettings-17.php by user root on process apache2.

We are using OJS 3.1.1-4 on Debian 10, there are no log messages.

ESET doesn’t report issues if we activate again Memcache, but, we don’t use it per @asmecher recommendation in previous posts.

any alternative or recommendation?

Hi @jorgelpolanco,

There is probably malicious PHP code running on your server. Cleaning it up is beyond the scope of this forum – there are good general practices for doing this that aren’t specific to OJS – but I’d recommend reviewing a few threads on this forum for some general info:

If your server is running PHP scripts via mod_php, then the culprit could be any PHP script on your server – they will all run with the same user permissions. (For this reason we don’t recommend running PHP with mod_php in a shared environment.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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