Error: "From" is not the "Sender"


When an Author sends a notification email to Editor through OJS, the “From” paragraph indicates the Technical Support instead the Author. The “From” paragraph should be the author.

In the next screenshot, in the “From” paragraph, you can view the technical support (“José Antonio Mompeán González” instead the author (“Is’haap Akbarian”

Fortunately, the “Sender” is the author, but the “From” should be the Author too:

This issue happens from I updated to OJS 2.4.6. In OJS 2.4.5 this didn’t happen. Please, how can I fix this, can you help me? It’s very important for our workflow.

Many thanks,

This might be related to this
email sender address is wrong

However this will be confusing, if the editor reply, it will not go to the author?

Regards, Waluyo