Error during OMP installation

I am trying to install OMP but the installation fails with this error:
Errors occurred during installation
A database error has occurred: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1025 Error on rename of ‘./omp_34/press_settings’ to ‘./omp_34/#sql-backup-6572-220e7’ (errno: 168 “Unknown (generic) error from engine”) (SQL: alter table press_settings add constraint press_settings_press_id_foreign foreign key (press_id) references presses (press_id) on delete cascade)

Hi @bjarman,

Can you clarify which version you’re using - is it 3.4.0-3?

PKP Team

Yes, I am trying to install the latest release, 3.4.0-3.
My environment:

Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.15.0-71-generic x86_64)

PHP 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.14 (cli) (built: Aug 18 2023 11:41:11) (NTS)
Copyright (c) The PHP Group
Zend Engine v4.1.2, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies
with Zend OPcache v8.1.2-1ubuntu2.14, Copyright (c), by Zend Technologies

10.6.12-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.22.04.1 Ubuntu 22.04

I am trying to install in a production environment by running PHP’s built in server like so:
php -S localhost:8000 i /var/www/omp-3.4.0-3
and then i tunnel to this server from my local computer.
This works nicely but fails with the database error in my original post.
Has anyone come across this error and solved it?