Error: DOI not found

Hi, I have finally managed to activate the DOI plugin on my OMP platform, setting it just like the one we have in OJS (same prefix that had previously been assigned to us, default patterns for monographs). However, none of the DOIs that we have assigned to already-published monographs seem to work. They all take us to a “DOI not found” error page that says:

This DOI cannot be found in the DOI System. Possible reasons are:

  • The DOI is incorrect in your source. Search for the item by name, title, or other metadata using a search engine.
  • The DOI was copied incorrectly. Check to see that the string includes all the characters before and after the slash and no sentence punctuation marks.
  • The DOI has not been activated yet. Please try again later, and report the problem if the error continues.

Any solutions? How am I supposed to activate the DOI? I don’t remember doing anything else for OJS, but I may be missing something.

Thanks everyone
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V. A.

Hi @vadami,

I would say you have not deposit the DOIs. Please look at DOI and CrossRef guide: PKP Docs - Documentation for OJS, OMP and all of the Public Knowledge Project's software

Regards, Primož

To the best of my knowledge, currently OMP does not support crossref export (direct registration from OMP backened) as in OJS through import/export tool. You will require to register all doi manually through Crosref website either by their webdeposit form or by their metadata manager interface.

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Hi, @vadami

Since there’s no plugin yet for OMP, just like the marvellous one for OJS, you have to feed metadata manually in the web deposit form by Crossref to activate your dois. Once they’re live, they should work just fine.

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