Enhancing Author Identification and Verification

Problem Statement:
In the scholarly publishing landscape, it is crucial for journals to accurately assess an author’s citation index to gauge their publication footprint. Currently, journals rely on manual verification of authors’ Google Scholar Profiles (GSP) to ascertain their scholarly contributions. However, this process is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to potential instances of fake authorship and inaccurate assessments of author credibility.

Desired Behaviour:
We propose the incorporation of a practical function within OJS-based journals that allows authors to add a link to their Google Scholar Profile during the registration process. This registration field should be compulsory, ensuring that submissions cannot be accepted without providing a GSP link. By mandating the inclusion of GSP links, journals can verify authors’ affiliation to institutions and eliminate instances of fake authorship, thereby enhancing the credibility of published works.

Possible Solution:
To address these challenges, OJS 3 could implement a registration field for authors to input their Google Scholar Profile link. This field should be mandatory, ensuring that all submissions include a verified GSP link. Additionally, the author’s name in published submissions could be hyperlinked to their GSP, ORCID-ID, and ResearcherID by Clarivate, providing readers with direct access to the author’s citation index and scholarly contributions.

The implementation of these features would have a significant impact on the efficiency and credibility of scholarly publishing within OJS-based journals. By mandating the inclusion of GSP links, journals can streamline the verification process and enhance the accuracy of author identification. Furthermore, hyperlinked author names in published submissions would provide readers with valuable insights into authors’ citation indices and scholarly impact, fostering transparency and trust within the academic community.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal Editors, Journal Administrators, Technical Support, Most of our Reviewers.

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