Email signature and alias

HI, It is my first time here, so forgive me if this doubt is in the wrong place.

I’m managing a journal. The journal pass by editorial changes and I would need to:
1 - Change the alias associated with the automatic email sent to authors after submitting a text. The email is sent by the usual account, but it has an alias of the previous editor.

2 - The signature of the emails is done through the an automatic field {$editorialcontactssignature}. I would like to change the text that is associated with that field.

Can you kindly tell me how to do these changes or where can I look ?

Thank you in advance


Thanks for your question! Could you please confirm which version of OJS you’re using? It is most likely that the {$editorialContactSignature} is likely pulling from the information on your user profile.

Kind Regards,
Public Knowledge Project Team

The version in use is
Thanks again for your quick answer.

The profile with with the name being presented in {$editorialContactSignature} is no longer as editor.
Do you have any other ideia?