Email address taken from article metadata, not user details

We are using OJS 3.1 and noticed that notifications to an author are sent to whatever email address is stored in the article’s metadata, NOT to the current email address stored on the author’s user account. So if the author changes their email address after the metadata is filled in, and we correctly update their user details, notifications may still routinely be sent to an obsolete email address. Because the notification system does not make the email “to” address visible, senders may not notice the issue.
Is this a common problem, and is there any way around it? Or is it always necessary to manually update an author’s email address in an article’s metadata in order for notifications about that article to go to the correct place?
Thank you very much for any information!
James Rice

Hello James.

As you’ve pointed out, user accounts aren’t associated with article metadata in any way, so the contributor metadata needs to updated separately. My understanding is that the developers would eventually like to bridge that gap, as seen in this discussion and this GitHub issue, but this may be a while off into the future. So unfortunately manual intervention is the best solution at the moment.

Hello Emma,
Thank you for your helpful reply.
I am new to OJS and appreciate your assistance.
James Rice