Duvidas Open Monograph

Boa noite,

Ouvir falar da ferramenta open monograph press e vou apresenta-la na minha faculdade para implantar. Queria saber quais as dificuldades o pessoal do forum encontrou para instalar e configurar. Obrigado

Good evening,

Hear about open monograph press tool and will present it at my college to deploy . I wanted to know what difficulties the forum staff found to install and configure . Thank you

Hi @enauaht20,

Generally OMP will need the same skills as you’d require to run Wordpress or Drupal professionally: experience with MySQL, Apache, and PHP. OMP is less mature than those applications, so it’ll occasionally require minor intervention. We’re very shortly going to release OMP 1.2, which is a major improvement on OMP 1.1.1; see some of the recent blog postings referring to OJS 3.0 or OMP 1.2 for details.

Let me know if you’re looking for specific details!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team