DOI as part of the URL in OJS3?

I am almost certain that there is no such option, nevertheless I wanted to ask:

Does OJS3 with DOI plugin a feature to use an assigned DOI in the path to an article?

To give an example: instead of the default path using the submission id, e.g., /article/view/50 the path would be something like /article/view/10.1007/s10506-020-09268-y.

I am aware that there is an option to manually configure article paths but I wonder whether there might be an automatic option to use a route like /article/view/{doi} in case a DOI has been assigned, either in the native article handler or provided by the DOI plugin by any chance.

Hi @mechanicalbutterfly,

Thanks for your post. I had a look through past forum posts and the plugin gallery: GitHub - pkp/plugin-gallery: The Plugin Gallery for the Public Knowledge Project - two likely places where any indication of a plugin of such a nature would appear, and didn’t find anything. That’s not to say that there’s not something there out in the wild, but I would suspect if it did exist it is not widely known. It’s an interesting idea though. I’m not sure what would be involved in creating such a plugin, but I have flagged this post as a “Feature Request” in case any developers wish to comment as to how feasible it might be to develop something like this.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @mechanicalbutterfly,

While this would be a neat approach to generating unique URLs, I have ben told it is considered a bad practice and discouraged by DOI institutions. You are not supposed to use the DOI in a URL — only the DOI resolving authorities are supposed to do that.

Interesting, especially as some publishers (e.g., Springer Nature) are doing it anyway.

However, cool for me.

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