DOI and published paper

Newbie here so struggling on some bits.

Have a hosted OJS based journal which is now starting to receive and review papers.
Some of these are now ready to publish however I am unsure on a couple of points.

  1. We plan to have 8-10 papers per journal. Can we publish papers as they are ready to go in eg. Vol.1 No. 1 or do we need to have all papers ready to go.

  2. When exactly are D.O.Is generated? We might want to have these feature in the pdf versions of the paper, so do we need to publish the paper then manually upload a revised pdf with the DOI?

Any help appreciated.

Hi @Gareth-JEEA Welcome to the PKP Community Forum! :smiley:

Here are my comments and/or suggestions:

  1. It depends on the publication model you adopt. If it is under the continuous publication model (which I recommend) you can publish the manuscripts as they are accepted, it is not necessary to have the whole issue formed. The advantage of this model is that there will be greater visibility of both the research and the author. If it is under the traditional publication model, all accepted manuscripts will have to wait until the issue is complete, this could take months; time in which the research may no longer be as innovative.

  2. The DOI can be known once you assign the manuscript to a certain issue, you do not have to publish it to know the DOI. Thus, you can put the DOI in the PDF and publish the issue without the need to modify it later. I suggest you this documentation where you can see the DOI configuration in OJS.

I hope you find this information useful.

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